Metallic Car paint in Houdini by Rohan Dalvi

In this video we will cover how to create a metallic car paint shader in Houdini similar to the one in Vray.

To do this we shall use the basic PBR nodes that are available in Houdini to create the various layers required to make the shader and also use procedural textures to create the flakes layer.

The file can be downloaded from the link given below.


holiday discount by Rohan Dalvi

one day offer - 20th dec 2014 - starting at 12.00 am (ist)

$10 off on each part of "tea and cookies" and "floating islands"

21st - 24th dec 2014

$5 off on each part of "tea and cookies" and "floating islands"

Offer not applicable on "Texture building" series

Gears of Houdini by Rohan Dalvi

Hello everyone,

This is my new training Gears of Houdini.

The training primarily deals with creating fully parametric custom objects and converting them to digital assets. In this case we shall create custom Gears. The training also covers animation, lighting and will also cover building custom plastic and metal shaders for the Gears.

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Packed Primitives in Houdini 13 - Part 2 by Rohan Dalvi

This video elaborates the two tips that Superkraft and Johnny Roek mentioned in the comments section of the first Packed Primitives video. 

The video primarily talks about creating name attributes using the Packed Edit node and randomizing colors of packed primitives at rendertime using the Renderstate VOP.

Download File

Part 3 of Floating Islands Training is now available


Packed Primitives in Houdini 13 by Rohan Dalvi

This video covers Packed Primitives in Houdini 13 and their usage in Instancing. This video is a more detailed explanation of a topic that is covered in brief in the Floating Islands training series.

Packed Primitives are a new form of geometry type that was introduced in Houdini 13. You can think of them as proxies. This video covers the various ways in which you can create them and use them for large scale instancing.

Also as a small announcement, the 2nd part of the Floating Islands training is now available.

Link to Training


Rohan Dalvi

Introduction to Houdini 13 particles by Rohan Dalvi

A new tutorial which gives beginners a simple introduction to particles in Houdini 13

Topics covered in this video are as follows:

Basics of particle emissions
Emitting particles from Geo and attributes
Adding velocity at Geometry level
Adding forces
Using Vex Expressions
Creating groups and using Wrangle POP
Creating custom turbulence Force using VOPS
Adding color and scale for rendering
Caching particles to disk



Download File