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shader building and digital assets in Houdini - 1 & 2

This training is a continuation of the Texture Building Series.

In this training we take a look at how to convert shader trees into usable Digital Assets. The purpose of the training is to help simplify the material building process in Houdini. We take the PBR shader nodes and convert those into usable Digital Assets that we can then use in production. We also make digital assets to help make the day to day workflow of shader building simpler.

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tea and cookies

texture building and materials in houdini

The main purpose of this training is to help users understand the texture and material building system in Houdini. The topics covered in this training range from a basic understanding of using color maps, using patterns and noise maps, modifying and distorting UV maps, using For Loop to create complex repeating and random textures and also creating a custom physically based shader using the physically based shading nodes available in Houdini. 

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Tea and Cookies with Houdini - 1 & 2

This is a two part commercial training in Houdini. The training will take you through various aspects of Houdini including, Polygonal Modeling, Procedural modeling, Dynamics, Shader Building, Lighting, Rendering and Color Grading.

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the floating islands of houdini

This 3 part commercial training series takes you through the process of creating the floating islands image in Houdini. The course covers various topics such as terrain modeling, modeling vines and creepers, grass generation,  L-systems, Custom plant and tree modeling, Fluids, Rigid Body Dynamics,  building custom forces, particles and lighting and rendering the final image.

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gears of houdini

this relatively small beginner level training series is primarily focused on creating parametric objects in Houdini and then converting them into Digital Assets. The training will also look at animating the gears using simple maths and also creating specific metal and plastic shaders for the gears.

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