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Important Note : All trainings require basic knowledge of Houdini UI and workflow.

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texture building in houdini - 2 parts

duration - 4 hrs 37 mins

The video training includes the hip files 

Training level - beginner to intermediate 

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texture and shader building combined


This training is primarily aimed at users ranging from a beginner to intermediate level. The main purpose of this training is to help users understand the texture and material building system in Houdini.

The training is split in two parts. The topics covered in this training range from a basic understanding of using color maps in Houdini. We then take a look at all the various patterns and noise maps that are in built in Houdini and use them for generating textures and displacement.

As we progress we also start to learn how to modify and distort UV maps to modify textures and also use the For Loop to generate complex repeating and random patterns. We end the lesson by building a simple custom shader using the base level physically based nodes that are available in Houdini.

All the topics are demonstrated by creating workable finished materials that can be used for production.

part 1 - Texture building 1

Content Details - 8 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 2 hrs 16 mins

Price - $30

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction - A simple introduction to Surface model and comparison to the vray material
  2. Bitmap - Understanding the basic color map in Houdini and recreating the 3dsmax bitmap functions in Houdini
  3. 2d Maps - Looking at a variety of 2d texture patterns available in Houdini
  4. 3d Maps - Using the various noise maps in Houdini which include, Turbulent noise, Worley and Voronoi cells and unified noise.
  5. 3d maps (contd.) - Continuing from the previous lesson we look at a few more noise maps
  6. Glowing Cracks - Using the unified noise map to create a complex material and then making it emit light.
  7. Parquet Flooring - Learning how to mix and composite and color correct textures via a small project of creating a parquet flooring material.
  8. Marble Flooring - Creating a complex marble floor pattern using a variety of inbuilt maps to create a complex mask to mix textures together.

part 2 - texture building 2

Content Details -8 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 2 hrs 21 mins

Price - $30

Lesson Plan

  1. UV distort - In this lesson we shall see show the user can modify UV maps to create interesting texture patterns.
  2. UV distort ( contd.) - We continue looking at different methods to distort UV maps and even take a look at how paint a custom UV map in Photoshop.
  3. For Loop- Leaning how to use the For Loop node to creat complex repeating and random patterns.
  4. Procedural Bricks - We use all the various things that we have learnt so far to create a fully procedural brick shader
  5. Procedural Marble tiles - We will complete another small project by creating a fully procedural marble shader 
  6. Point Color and Ramps - Learning how to bring point color and point attributes into a shader and also how the ramp parameter works in Houdini.
  7. Switch node and other stuff - Using the switch node to apply multiple textures or shaders to objects and also looking a few minor examples.
  8. Custom Shader - In the final lesson we will build a custom physically based shader using the physically based diffuse, specular and other nodes available in Houdini. 

REQUIREMENTS - Houdini 12 and above