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hairy houdini

total duration - 3 hrs 5 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - intermediate

individual parts -


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This training covers how to setup furry creatures and make hairstyles in Houdini.

The training contains 4 projects. We’ll start with a simple furry creature and build three hairstyles. A short, long and a ponytail. I’ve also added a chapter which will give you a simple overview of my braid setup.

Over the course of the training I’ll cover everything from guide combing via normals and velocity vectors. Using attributes to control the density, frizz and clumping of the final hair. Planting guides to build a longer more artist controlled hairstyles and building a fully procedural ponytail setup.

NOTE: The training does not cover rendering. I’ll upload the rendering chapters later.



Content Details -  6 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  1 hour 45 mins

lesson plan


  1. Furry Creature A - Giving shape to guides using velocity curves

  2. Furry Creature B - Painting attributes to control final hair generation

  3. Furry Creature C - Basic of vellum setup

  4. Short Hairstyle A - Basic attribute setup

  5. Short Hairstyle B - Combing normals and guides to shape the hair

  6. Short Hairstyle C - Final look using frizz and clumping


Content Details -  5 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  1 hour 21 mins

lesson plan


  1. Long Hair A - Planting and combing guides to build a controlled hairstyle

  2. Long Hair B - Building the final hairstyle using frizz and clumping

  3. Ponytail A- Building a procedural setup for pulled back hair

  4. Ponytail B - Building a fully procedural ponytail setup

  5. Braid setup - A brief overview of my braid setup.