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procedural modeling in houdini

total duration - 5 hrs 48 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - intermediate

20% discount offer till 25th October 2019


Welcome to procedural modeling in Houdini. The idea behind this training was to take a character model and then generate an armour or a second skin on top of it completely procedurally, and also have the armour or skin design change every frame to give you multiple variations.

Over the course of the training we shall cover a variety of topics such as, pattern generation using voronoi fracturing and clustering. Using VDB for adding details to the voronoi pieces. Generating wires using a variety of groups and find shortest path and other methods. We’ll also take a simple look at how to bake the details down to a lowres mesh using the mantra baking tools and substance painter.

NOTE: The training can be followed in any version of Houdini including Apprentice.

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Content Details -  11 Video Chapters (with Audio)

lesson plan


  1. Basic body setup - Looking at the basic character model in Daz and exporting to Houdini

  2. Voronoi setup - Setting up basic voronoi fracturing and separating the pieces by building custom attributes

  3. Armour cage - Building the armour cage by separating the chest pieces generated via the voronoi fracture

  4. Armour plates - Making the armour plates on top of the cage. We use clustering to create complex shapes from the basic voronoi pieces

  5. Armour details - Detailing the armour plates using standard and vdb booleans

  6. Connectors - Building an exoskeleton on top of the armour using a combinations of points generated from the centres of the pieces and connecting the adjacent points

  7. Breast plate - Finishing the chest armour by building the armour for the breast

  8. Circuit lines - Making organic lines over the exposed skin via groups and find shortest path 

  9. Circuit lines spikes - Making spikes in the centre of the organic lines and adjusting their shapes based on the size of the pieces and having the lines flow around the spikes.

  10. Neck centre cords - Building the neck piece using a combination of Nurbs skinning and carve.

  11. Neck frill base - Making a frill for the base of the neck using skin and adding additional details using polyextrude


Content Details -  11 Video Chapters (with Audio)

lesson plan


  1. Neck frill top - Making a frill for the top of the neck by extracting lines from the voronoi pieces

  2. Neck side muscles - Building the side muscles by skiing the top and base neck curves and extracting lines using carve

  3. Abs - Making armour plating for the abs and torso. We make complex shapes by building custom clustering patterns.

  4. Sides - Making side armour by building controllable voronoi patterns to build a specific design for the sides. 

  5. Arms - Generating veins on the arms using find shortest path and controlling the flow of the veins by painting custom attributes.

  6. Heart - Detailing the heart section of the armour

  7. Helmet A - Making the Helmet/crown for the character using a combination of copy stamping and skinning. The we generating varying shapes for the helmet using voronoi fracture.

  8. Helmet jewel - Constructing the centre jewel for the helmet.

  9. Tears - Adding final details to the face.

  10. Baking - A basic class on baking the arm details to the base arm mesh using mantra bake ROP and substance painter and also building a simple shader just for fun.

  11. Skirt - Adding the skirt to character using vellum as a finishing touch