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procedural texturing and baking in houdini

total duration - 3 hrs 5 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - intermediate

individual parts -


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The purpose of this training is to make a variety of texture based objects via the various procedural textures and patterns available in Houdini. We shall then bake these objects out to textures using the Houdini bake ROP and use them to build shaders in any other render engine.

We shall build textures using a variety of methods including UV map distortion, Noise distortion, Turbulent noise, Unified noise, for loops and slope calculation.

For the purpose of this training I shall cover Redshift, Octane and Mantra. We shall also use substance painter to build textures using the images that have baked in Houdini.



Content Details -  4 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  1 hour 45 mins

price $15

lesson plan


  1. Blue Planet - building a simple eath like planet using a combination of UV distortion and noise maps.

  2. Trigonometric functions - Building textures by distorting noise maps via sine function

  3. For Loop - Using the for loop at VOP level to build overlapping scifi panels by utilizing the Unified noise cellular maps

  4. Rocks and Sand - Building a complex rock and sand texture as a final example.


Content Details -  5 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  1 hour 21 mins

price $15

lesson plan


  1. Baking A - Baking the textures from the high res assets that have been built using Houdini Bake ROP.

  2. Baking B - Solving a displacement map issue that could arise while baking

  3. Shader setup A- Using the baked maps to build final shaders in Redshift and Octane

  4. Shader setup B - Building a full shader in Mantra by transferring the SOP attribute VOP data to Shader level..

  5. Substance Painter - Using the baked maps to build a shader in Substance Painter.