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ornamental designs in houdini

total duration - 4 hrs 51 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - intermediate

individual parts -


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This training covers various procedural methods on creating ornamental patterns and designs in Houdini. The methods includes standard procedural modeling, L-systems and voronoi fracture to generate a variety of patterns.

The idea behind this training is try and procedurally build a variety of ornamental elements which would the modeling process simpler for complex pattern building.


Content Details -  7 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  130 mins

price $22

lesson plan


  1. Copy stamping - An introduction to the 3 different copy nodes in Houdini and the use of copy stamping

  2. Basic Leaf - Building a basic leaf using wrangle sop

  3. Basic Leaf variations - Building various designs from the basic leaf

  4. Leaf complex - Building a more complex ornamental leaf design using copy stamping and vdb

  5. Flower - Building a controllable flower petal shape and using that to build a variety of flowers

  6. Phyllotaxis - How to make a phyllotaxis pattern without complex math and using ti build sunflower seed pattern and a rose.

  7. Cylindrical Phyllotaxis - Making a vertical phyllotaxis pattern for building pine cones or floral pillar designs.


Content Details -  8 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  140 mins

price $22

lesson plan


  1. L-system basics - Understanding the basics of L-systems to help build more complex designs.

  2. L-system patterns 1 - Building a couple of patterns using l-systems and copy stamping.

  3. L-system patterns 2 - Building repeating l-system patterns for wallpapers or texture purposes.

  4. Helix - Building a helix using copy stamping.

  5. Corinthian leaves - Making the corinthian column leaf element using all the various techniques learnt in the training

  6. Spirograph - Making a simple spirograph without complex math.

  7. Voronoi pattern - Building patterns using voronoi fracture.

  8. Corinthian Column - Looking at the final corinthian column file to see how it was built.

REQUIREMENTS - This training requires Houdini Indie or Houdini FX. Houdini apprentice will not work since it doesn't support 3rd party renderers.