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terrain building in houdini

total duration - 3 hrs 12 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - intermediate ( Working knowledge of Houdini, Octane, Redshift, Arnold or Mantra is required)

individual parts -


Discount from Apr 1st - Apr 8th 2017

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shading and rendering



This training is will cover the new height field tools introduced in Houdini 16. The training comprises of 5 projects that will cover techniques to create a variety of terrains.

Through these projects we'll cover the various height field tools such as Noise, Patter, Mask by feature, using objects to modify terrains and also using the height wrangle tool to better control the Flow and debris fields. 

The final chapter will cover how to build a procedural shader to shade and render the terrains. This part is available for Redshift, Arnold, Mantra and Octane and each part is sold separately.


Content Details -  7 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration -  192 mins

price $45

lesson plan


  1. Simple Mountain Range - Using the Noise node to generate a basic mountain range and using the masking tools to control the Erode node to get more controllable erosion results

  2. Cliffs and Dunes - Using the Pattern node to generate dunes and learning how to mix terrains

  3. Craters - Building a lunar landscape by using polygonal objects to modify the heightfields.

  4. Canyon - Using objects to generate masks and a detailed look at the Heightfield Erode node. Understanding how the Hydro and Thermal Erosion works.

  5. Island - Using objects to generate a specific terrain. Using the heightfield wrangle to control flow and debris fields and finally using the heightfield scatter node to scatter points on the terrain for instancing.

  6. Output maps - Learning how to output maps from the heightfield for rendering or export purposes.

  7. Shading and rendering - Building a procedural shader in the renderer of your choice using the maps written out to disk.


REQUIREMENTS - This training requires Houdini Indie or Houdini FX. Houdini apprentice will not work since it doesn't support 3rd party renderers.