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procedural vehicle modeling 1&2

total duration - 3 hrs 51 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - beginner

individual parts


taxes as applicable

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This training demonstrates how to use Houdini to create a parametric vehicle. Over the course of this training we will see how to use Houdini's basic polygon modeling techniques to create a fully controllable and procedural Vehicle model and also set up all the various parameters required to control and animate the vehicle.

The training will also explain how to add secondary jiggle motion to the vehicle animation using CHOPs.

Towards the end of the training we shall go through the animation, materials, lighting and rendering of the "Silence of the Vans" animation in which I had used the Procedural Vehicle.

part 1 - modeling the front, rear and middle

Content Details - 12 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 104 mins

price - $20

lesson plan

  • Bus Front Details - Setting up the basic bus shape

  • Bus Details - Using Cookie SOP to add cuts for window, door and tires

  • Front Door- Modeling the front door from the shape extracted from the Cookie SOO

  • Windscreen and Grill- Adding windscreen and grill to the front of the bus

  • Headlights - Modeling the headlights and attaching them to the bus using a Ray SOP

  • Bumper - Modelling the front bumper and number plate using points extracted the front of the bus

  • Rear Basics - Building up the rear of the vehicle

  • Rear Door - Adding doors to the rear body when the bus is switched to a van. Also setting up the transforms to animate the doors opening and closing

  • Rear Details - Modeling tail lights and number plate for the back

  • Midsection Basics - Setting up the middle using a central line which will define the entire length of the vehicle.

  • Midsection Details - Adding windows to the middle using a For Each SOP


Part 2 - Additional modeling, animation and scene setup with materials and lights

Content Details - 11 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 127 mins

price - $20

Lesson Plan

  • Tires - Modelling the tires for the vehicle

  • Additional Doors - Building additional doors in the middle of the bus

  • Additional Doors combine - Adding the doors into the main body

  • Carriage - Modelling the carriage on top of the vehicle

  • Controls - Adding some flower like structures on the hills

  • Lights and Materials - Building groups for material assignment. Applying materials and setting up a basic HDRI

  • Animation and Jiggle - Animating the Vehicle and adding secondary motion using Jiggle CHOP

  • Bus transformation Animation - Using the controls we had setup to transform the vehicle from a bus to a van.

  • Scene setup and Animation - Looking at the "Silence of the Vans" scene. Going through the scene models and how the small human characters were animated

  • Scene lights and materials - Looking at the "Silence of the Vans" scene. Going through the scene lighting and materials, especially the pavement material.

  • Render and Composite - Looking at the "Silence of the Vans" scene. The final render setting and the composting the scene in After Effects.

REQUIREMENTS - It would be preferable to use Houdini 14 Indie version. The Houdini files are in the Houdini Indie format. However the training can even be completed in the Houdini Apprentice version without any problems.