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houdini rocket ship - 3 parts

total duration - 6 hrs 49 mins

The video training includes the hip files

Training level - beginner to intermediate

individual part


taxes as applicable

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The idea behind this training was to create a project that will take the viewer through a variety of aspects of Houdini without making the project overly complex or technical.

Over the course of this project we will cover a whole range of topics which include Procedural modelling, Polygonal modelling, Environment Generation, Cloud modelling, CHOPs, RBD, Constraints Network, Smoke Simulation, Materials, Lighting using HDRI, setting up Takes, Rendering and Final composite  in After Effects.

The training is broken into 3 parts. You can read the details of each part below the break.

part 1 - modelling the rocket ship

Content Details - 10 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 2 hrs

price $25

lesson plan

  • Rocket Shape - Setting up the basic Rocket shape using VOPs

  • Cockpit - Modelling the cockpit using the Ray SOP and the Cookie SOP

  • Rocket Panels - Adding details to the Rocket body by dividing it into panels

  • Control Panel - Adding charging lights on one of the panels

  • Cable - Adding a fuel cable to the side of the rocket.

  • Rivets - Modelling rivets on the rocket body and controlling their size using Pscale 

  • Rocket Nose - Modelling the rocket nose and ensuring the size is linked to the size of the rocket

  • Exhaust - Build the rocket exhaust by extracting curves from the base of the rocket body

  • Rocket Body - Constructing the rocket body

  • Rocket Final - Adding finishing touches to the rocket model

Part 2 - Modelling the scene and Animation using CHOPs

Content Details - 8 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 2 hrs 20 mins

price $25

Lesson Plan

  • Air Pump - Modelling the air pump using the poly modelling tools in Houdini

  • Launchpad - Building the foreground hill on which the Rocket stands and adding the grass

  • Hills - Using a combination of cellular and noise textures to build the background hills

  • Trees - Modelling the trees on the hills

  • Flowers - Adding some flower like structures on the hills

  • Clouds - Modelling custom clouds using the Cloud SOP and the Clouds noise SOP.

  • CHOPs - Animating the rocket body and the air pump using procedural animation curves generated using CHOPs

  • Rocket Animation - Adding additional animation to the rocket using simple keyframes


part 3 - modelling the scene and animation using chops

Content Details - 9 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 2 hrs 27 mins

price $25

lesson plan

  • Cable RBD set up - Setting up the RBD set up for the cable animation

  • Constraints Network - Adding the constraints to the RBD set up

  • Cable Construction - Constructing the cable out of the simulated RBD objects

  • Smoke Set up - Setting up the elements required for the smoke simulation

  • Smoke Simulation - Simulating the smoke for the exhaust

  • Lighting - Lighting the scene using a combination of HDR images modified using COPs and the sun and sky system

  • Materials - A basic explanation of the Mantra Surface and building the materials required for the scene

  • Takes - Setting up takes and passes for the final render

  • Rendering and Compositing - A brief look at the Mantra render setting and the final composite in After Effects 


REQUIREMENTS - It would be preferable to use Houdini 14 Indie version. The Houdini files are in the Houdini Indie format. However the training can even be completed in the Houdini Apprentice version without any problems.