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user interfaces and motion graphics

total duration - 7 hrs 56 mins

The video training includes the hip files 

Training level - Intermediate

Requirements - It would be preferable to use Houdini 14.

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The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the Motion Graphics animation shown in the promo.

The idea is to create a variety of User Interface and Motion Graphics elements using a combination of SOPs, Particles and CHOPs in Houdini. The training will also cover setting up the materials, rendering and an overview of the final compositing in After Effects.

The training is broken into 3 parts. Each part will cover the creation of individual elements required for the final animation.


part 1

Content Details - 9 Video Chapters (with Audio) and hip files

Duration - 3 hrs 32 mins

Price - $40


  1. Base Grid - Creating and animating the base grid on which the UI will be formed.

  2. Outer Ring - Setting up the outer ring

  3. Outer Ring contd. - Creating the internal structure of the ring

  4. Outer Ring particles - Generating the particle system which will create the curves connecting the two rings

  5. Outer Ring final - Using the particle system to create geometry and affecting geometry animations

  6. Centre particles - Using goals and particles to form the centre rings

  7. Centre Ring A - Creating the inner ring animation using a simple sin function

  8. Centre Ring B - Creating the mid ring animation and using carve to create the design

  9. Centre Ring C - Creating the outer ring animation based on normals and rotation and adding text based animation to create a timer

part 2

Content Details - 9 Video Chapters (with Audio) and hip files

Duration - 2 hrs 7 mins

Price - $30


  1. Wavy Rings - Creating a set of displaced rings and animating moving grids over the rings to add complexity

  2. Charts and Graphs - Using CHOPs to create animated bar graphs and line graphs

  3. Globe - Creating a globe that will enclose the centre rings using a combination of particles and SOPs

  4. Hex Ring - Creating the final ring element for the main UI

  5. Hex Ring Particles - Adding additional details to the element via particles

  6. Combine - Combining all the various elements and timing the animation using Timeshift

  7. Icon - Creating the centre Icon animation using particles with velocities derived from the original object animation

  8. Landscape - Generating and animating the main landscape using VOPs

  9. Contour Lines - Extracting and animating Contour lines from the landscape

part 3

Content Details - 9 Video Chapters (with Audio) and hip files

Duration - 2 hrs 17 mins

Price - $30


  1. Sun - Creating a particle based sun using goals and noise

  2. Clouds - Adding Clouds on top of the landscape using a combination of particles and SOPs

  3. Rainfall - Generating rain from the previously added clouds

  4. Green - Using the rain particles to turn the landscape green

  5. Tree - Modeling and animating a tree asset to add to the landscape

  6. Populate - Copying the tree onto the landscaping

  7. Final Combine - Combining all the landscape elements and timing the final animation

  8. Materials and rendering - Setting up the materials, adding width and pscale attributes and setting up takes for rendering

  9. Compositing - Looking at the final composite file from After Effects


REQUIREMENTS - It would be preferable to use Houdini 14.