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gears of houdini- 2 parts

training level - beginner

individual parts


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This training is primarily aimed at beginners. Its main purpose is to create fully parametric custom gear and then convert them to Digital Assets.

In the second part of the training we look at how to animate the Gear and also create custom materials for it and finally light and render the Gears.

part 1 - Making a Digital Asset

Content Details - 4 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 56 mins

Price - $8

Lesson Plan

  1. Gear Basic - We start by creating the basic gear design.

  2. Gear Holes - We create the second type of gear required. We use the basic elements that we created in the previous chapter to make the process faster.

  3. Gear Spokes - We create the third and final gear type required for the project.

  4. Digital Asset - We create custom parameters required to control our Gears and finally convert it to a Digital Asset.

part 2 - Animation, lights and materials

Content Details -4 Video Chapters (with Audio)

Duration - 1 hr 2 mins

Price - $8

Lesson Plan

  1. Animation - Creating a a simple keyframe animation for the gears and then controlling the rotation mathematically.

  2. Lighting - Setting up the lighting and the HDR required for reflections and setting up Mantra.

  3. Plastic Shader- We create a slightly old looking plastic shader using the occlusion node.

  4. Metal Shader - We create a brushed metal shader and again use the occlusion shader to add dirt.

REQUIREMENTS - Houdini 12 and above